Indian women leaders

Three things that make Kirthiga Reddy a believer in herself

As CEO of Facebook India she has a packed calendar day after day but what makes her a real achiever? The belief that she can do. The fact that she carries her dream in her eyes and works with each day to achieve it. Want to be like her? Get inspired by her? Don’t miss(…)


AAP Hits a Six in Bringing Women Leaders

While we’re not sure whether that measures up to chase the score of full women representation, the six women who have emerged victorious in this showdown are figures worth getting acquainted with.


5 Indian Women making India Proud at Davos

While the gender ratio at this year’s WEF conference did not paint a very optimistic picture, with an overall 17 percent of women attendees, the ones that did get away, especially on the Indian front, are some of our most gifted women leaders. Read on to know who the five most prominent Indian women are, contributing to this prestigious event.


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