• Why Work From Home Is A Great Option For Women

    The onset of 21st century witnessed remarkable advancements in the field of technology. More and more people are trying to become tech-savvy by equipping themselves with the right knowledge to harness the power of this new-age blessing. Workers are turning job-seekers. Freelancers and work from home is a real way of working. This change is already seeping into the traditional workplace culture. Questioning it? Threatening it? We are going from being a jobs economy to a gig economy. Unlike the times when we had seen our parents fret about this throughout their lives.

    Interestingly, the takers of work-from-home jobs are largely women. There are a gamut of reasons behind this emerging trend.

    1. Manage Time Better

    The leisure/work gap between working men and women can be bridged only when women get the opportunity to plan their day according to their wish. Work-from-home gives them the liberty to manage their household without compromising on their physical and mental health. Neetu Sharma, working as an online tutor in Delhi, says,

    “I am passionate about teaching. My previous teaching job in a school sapped me of all my energy. I would return exhausted but couldn’t take rest because, as women, we are expected to look after our household as well. Working from home leaves me with a lot of time to recharge my jaded batteries and pursue my other hobbies.”

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    2. To avoid office politics and sexism.

    Modern-day women believe that working from home is a boon for them as they do not have to mingle with toxic colleagues bent upon ruining each other’s day or face blatant sexism practiced in co-working spaces. Women feel that the presence of dishonest people in the workplace affects their productivity, and so it is better to work from home where the focus is solely on work. After completion of their work, they are free to socialize with like-minded people.

    They do not have to worry about the security-guard staring at them or the potential stalkers travelling in buses.

    3.  Safety issues

    Taking in account the poor transportation infrastructure of the country, work from home options ensure safety for women without jeopardizing their economic independence. They do not have to worry about the security-guard staring at them or the potential stalkers travelling in buses.

    4. To give time to their children

    Motherhood is a big responsibility. Nurturing children in their early childhood years is crucial, and so women prefer working from home as it gives them the liberty to spend as much time as possible with their kids. These jobs are popular among expectant mothers as well.

    Work-from-home jobs are definitely the best ways to put one’s education to good use. Freelance writing, photography, translation and SEO are some fields women have forayed into and excelled at.

    It is time to embrace technology by going digital.

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