• Why Women Need To Become Digitally Literate By Ami Savla

    Various people across the globe could be your prospective client with just one click of the mouse. No other promotion methods can give you such instant results. We believe that those women who are tech savvy and know how to network and convey their point effectively for them there is no end to which they can go to promote their products and services, find job opportunities for themselves, make their voice heard even while sitting at home!

    Opportunities Digital space provides women who are Digitally Literate:

    1. They are in a better position to get work from home opportunities easily with their digital skills like Blogging, Social Media Management, Online Networking, Recruitment, Online buying and selling etc
    2. They can create awareness about various issues they want people to know about and make their voice heard
    3. They can connect and collaborate with various people across the globe for various reasons
    4. They can know about various events happening in their locality and the world at large
    5. Women who are mothers can relate better with their children because these days children are much more ahead in the digital space
    6. Most importantly, they are not dependent on their husbands, children or other external sources for getting their work done.

    Some important and effective tips to keep in mind while branding yourself online:

    1. Don’t try to sell your product and service outrageously on Social Media. That space is all about creating value based posts and content which generates instant engagement, visibility, and conversions if used strategically.
    2. Barter/ Collaborations too play an extremely important role in reducing the expenses and marketing your brand effectively online.
    3. Online & Offline Networking plays a key role in developing the faith and trust for your Brand.

    Women entrepreneurs in various sectors have been immensely successful, dispelling the old myth that they cannot handle businesses as confidently or as assertively as men do. But we did find out that when it came to becoming Tech Savvy or being Digitally Literate, many women developed cold feet. This is exactly why women need to come out of their cocoon and explore the wonderful opportunities that digital space gives them and thus take informed decisions for themselves and for their loved ones.

    Go Digital! Good Luck

    Ami Savla Hemani is the founder of SocializeStore. She envisions a time when every woman can leverage her idea independently on various social media platforms.