• Why is a woman defined by what she doesn’t do? Passionate chat @ Feminist Rani

    It’s okay to name a movement after a half that needs it the most says Buzzfeed’s Rega Jha on Feminism. In a no holds bar conversation, along with Author Kiran Manral the second edition of Feminist Rani picked up on ‘everyday feminism’ as its focus. “Why are women defined by what they don’t do?” asked Manral. The candid conversation had experiences from the speakers and the audience. “Feminism to me,” said Jha “is not having to think of a toss between male gaze & comfort while picking clothes for office every morning.” Manral added to that saying men are threatened often and how they need to get to terms with that. She especially dismissed silly assumption people make about women. “It’s okay to have a cleavage and a brain at the same time,” Manral contended. Women at Feminist Rani expressed they weren’t taken in by certain feminist concepts of not shaving your body hair or unabashedly being anti-men. That men are a part of the big picture even in finding gender balance is something most agreed upon. Jha asserted how Feminism as a word is far more controversial than the movement itself.


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