•   Power Women With Anna MM Vetticad is a quintessential show on how women leaders in diverse fields are showing the way of rising in their careers and life. What drives them, how they deal with political lives, how they protect their integrity and how they inspire. Leading women of the country talk to one(…)

  • Women in Business are breaking barriers, and bringing bold solutions on the table. As CEOs, professional managers and entrepreneurs, they are taking ideas to fruition, giving wings to their dreams and proving economically prudent and persevering.

  • Women bring new energies, design a constructive approach to leadership. Failure and learning in a part of it. SheThePeople.TV meets such women everyday and brings you interviews on how they empower, engage and elevate. 

Who are we?

The Future is Female. Women across the world are actively joining the workforce, asserting themselves on issues and networking to become a strong force. In India over 60 million women are set to get online. From leaders, game-changers, board members, executives and entrepreneurs, sportswomen and politicians and every woman engaging in her goals, we are changing the conversation about them. We believe we are an active positive part of that change.

Companies and countries perform much better when they include and engage women in their workforce. Women in India, whether in farming communities or city centers, are taking steps toward becoming fully integrated and valued members of society. Many are setting up their own businesses, others are joining organisations that are ‘thinking’ women.

SheThePeople is their platform. A video story telling space that inspires women, strengthens their efforts, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces their ability to contribute to growth.

Our community of women are driven, diverse and engaging. Through our special videos on SheThePeople.TV we are presenting the modern Indian woman a platform to discuss and share the challenges faced by this up-tapped leadership community. We are investing in women and they are investing in us.

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Connect With Women, Here’s Why

60 million women are online in India

75% are in the 15-34 age group, with over 24 million women accessing the Internet daily

Social Networking sites have the highest level of user engagement

Women account for the majority of online users

Women are consuming most of their content in the form of video

Facebook growing faster with women than men in almost every age group.

Women comprise more than half of  Facebook’s audience

Women outnumber men on most social networks and have more friends

53% of Twitter users are women


*Data by Google Survey India, Pew Research, ShesConnected


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