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How Many Women Know Their Contraceptives Well? Do You?

Contraceptives. A most basic concept, a plain and simple word. But we in India are fearful of uttering it. People look around while talking about it. Yes, even now. How well do we know our contraceptives? And why should we really know them? I decided to go out into the streets to find out what(…)


Young Girls Forced to Quit Studies, Culprit: Teacher’s Sexual Advances

52% of girls in our country have no future because they are not able to study. One major reason why they cannot study further, or opt out, is because they are often teased, molested, raped or sexually harassed. Rather than dealing with these issues, the quick-fix solution families and societies abruptly resort to is pausing(…)


30 Women Redefining The Digital Space In India

The digital space in India owes women for its tremendous outreach over the past few years. Women entrepreneurs in various sectors are embracing new tech, building businesses, turning new and irregular opportunities into new ideas, giving wings to brilliant ideas, boosting economy — all of this is transforming the work scenario for women. SheThePeople.TV picks thirty resilient(…)


Gran Canaria: Ten reasons for love at first sight

Solo in Spain is our series for travel this summer. Women travelling across the region and exploring the sights and sounds. Here’s a breathtaking stopover. Gran Canaria is a captivating place, a little Garden of Eden in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which woos its visitors. In this decalogue we will give you all(…)


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