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An accountant turned entrepreneur, Devika’s Kanabis makes vegan shoes

Leather was never her thing. And so Devika Srimal Bapna set course on a mission to find conscious shoes for herself. In the quest of wanting something unique, fashionable and ecofriendly, she started Kanabis. A PETA volunteer and an animal-lover, she wanted to do something completely different whether animals wouldn’t be hurt. “As an animal(…)


Skill Women, Skill India: Women hammering brand new careers into shape in Haryana

Young women in Haryana have enrolled in a skills training at a stainless steel plant in Rohad district. Over a four-month period, 180 young women will be trained to work in stainless steel application in Haryana, a state where women’s workforce participation remains low. The skilling programme is a one-of-its kind public-private partnership initiative led(…)


Sharmin Ali’s New Book Decodes Sexism in the Startup World

Founder of two startups, Sharmin Ali has recently written her second book How I Was Forced To Become A Staunch Racist, which documents her journey as an entrepreneur. Importantly, it also highlights the brutal truth about the sexist culture that still persists in the Indian startup ecosystem. Her book also questions why most people in(…)


How New Skills Transformed The Life Of Karishma Tomar

Women in the National Capital Region were asked: Is Lack of Information a Critical Barrier to Availing of Skilling Opportunities? And here’s what the results looked like: 51.8% Strongly Agree 23.5 % Agree Source: UNDP SheThePeople Team visited Ashok Vihar in New Delhi to talk about skilling India, the informal economy, and why economic empowerment(…)


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