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TiE Global’s Vijay Menon Says Role Models A Must For Entrepreneurs

Vijay Menon has been a champion of entrepreneurship for years. Through his work at TiE Global, he pushes young startup owners to take risks, get mentorship and scale up businesses. He says diversity in the workplace has to go much beyond lip service — women in leadership positions are a win-win for all. Are Indian(…)


Can I Bag It All Asks Nina Lekhi In Her First Book On Business

Nina Lekhi turned an entrepreneur when the words starting up were not even fashionable. Entrepreneurship meant business and that was an idea most women in her times (1980s) steered away from. Nina started and built Baggit, probably India’s first bags enterprise made in India. Travelling from the comfort of her home to the bylanes of(…)


Pune’s working women react on safety concerns in new age companies

Indian cities like Pune and Bangalore have been IT and Marketing hubs. They have boasted educated and diverse employees, including a significant number of women in their workforce. In this light, the incidents such as mass molestation and murder case of an IT employee in Pune raise security concerns. She The People talked to working(…)


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