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Mahavir Phogat: Dreams, Daughters And Dangal

Could I say you have to be living under a rock in India if you don’t know about the legendary father who defied the patriarchal society in Haryana and trained his daughters into becoming national wrestling champions. The father in focus here is Mahavir Singh Phogat who trained his daughters Geeta and Babita along with(…)


Get schooled on sexual harassment laws in India from lawyer Karuna Nundy

Eminent lawyer Karuna Nundy took up law by chance. Born to parents, who were both working in leadership roles, Karuna studied Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. Then she went on to become a TV journalist at the age of 19. Journalism didn’t empower her enough she says. A few strong legal stories kindled(…)


How She Did It: Roohi Nazki On Opening A Tea Room In Kashmir

This cafe by the river in Srinagar is inspired by the tea rooms in Cotswalds, England, and brings a local Kashmiri flavour to an otherwise English concept. But it’s much more than a chai place. It’s a place many girls come, to ‘breathe in’ and stay safe from staring eyes. It’s also where cultural conversations(…)


This Start-Up Conducts Pet Therapy To Help People De-stress

I already love this idea. When stressed, go chill with a pet. What’s that saying? A dog is a person’s best friend. Having a dog at home or at workplace can have a lot of benefits such as 10% drop in blood pressure, chemical changes in the body such as cortisol, dopamine and serotonin which have(…)


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