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Banker to Entrepreneur

Falguni Nayar is one of India’s top shot bankers who also sits on prestigious boards such as Tata Motors. She quit her active and vibrant banking career to become an entrepreneur and opened up India’s first online dedicated space for beauty and wellness called Nykaa Dot Com. SheThePeople.TV speaks to her about her deep plunge(…)


The FIVE “Cs” of Leadership

In this final posting on the current topic of leadership, I complete our review of some of the different approaches to discussing the traits that are commonly identified with an effective leader.  Those of you who have read the previous postings will recall that I began the discussion with models that involved more simplified structures(…)


Meet Queen Rania

Over the past few years, Queen Rania has launched, championed, and given patronage to several initiatives in education and learning.


India’s Women and Self Help Groups

Across rural India, poor women are changing their lives and their children’s lives. In the aptly-named “Self Help Groups”, millions of women are coming together to fight long-held prejudices. They are reaching out to the disabled, people with HIV, and other women who just need a little help.


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