• UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon thinks it is High Time for a Woman to Lead UN

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, whose term as the world body’s chief will end next year, has said it is “high time” for a woman to lead the organisation.


    The secretary, who is set to complete his second term at the 70 year old organization in December 2016, has articulated at various public forums, that the worldwide organization is ready for a woman to assume the mantle.


    His Deputy spokesman, Farhan Haq, told reporters at an event about Ban’s opinions, that “he thinks it’s high time for a Secretary-General to be a woman,” lending an interesting new color to the debate over a woman leading the global body.
    Haq makes it clear, that while it is not in Ban’s hands to determine who his successor will be, he has made his advocacy clear. ”He’s not going to offer any opinions about who should be selected, but certainly, the time for a female Secretary General has come.”


    The current chief has sensed and surveyed the women’s movement around the world for almost 9 years, since he came into office in 2007. So when he himself deems the environment favorable for women leaders, it is definitely something to go by.


    It is also perhaps a definitive sign, that we have able and eligible women in our midst already, to create UN history by being the first women to assume the role.
    Haq confirmed the above, by stating that Ban meets several women in very prominent positions in national and international politics and in the UN, to be able to have such opinions. Nonetheless, he has has no influence over the decision to select the next Secretary-General.


    Patrons are urging to keep these selections more democratic and transparent in nature this time around, as the concentration of power and influence of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council in the appointing the Secretary General has invited criticism.


    India is also rooting for more gender and geographical diversity in the Secretary-General selections next year. India’s Ambassador to the UN Asoke Mukerji had said last month that the new Secretary-General should reflect the aspirations of the broader United Nations membership and due regard must be being given to “regional rotation and gender equality.” 


    Image Courtesy: Huffington Post