• Take the bicycle ride to good health

    Did you know, in a lot of cities around the world, bicycles are the main mode of transportation? In Amsterdam for example, citizens ride to work and even to all the other places after work. So much so, they have made special lanes for bike riders! They even customise bikes to an individual’s liking.

    Apart from the fact that bicycles are a environmentally friendly means of transportation, biking has tremendous health benefits that we absolutely ought to know.

    Why bicycle riding is great for your health:

    Stronger Heart
    Cycling has known to improve cardiovascular fitness. It also helps decrease the risk of coronary heart diseases.

    Slim Waistline
    While all of us are trying to be fit and looking for ways to shed those extra pounds, cycling comes as a saviour!  This activity burns a lot of calories specially when you’re going faster than your leisurely pace. It helps you keep your weight in control and also increases your metabolism! How about spending the evenings cycling around the neighbourhood?

    Defined Muscles
    Cycling helps in building and toning muscles, especially the calves, thighs, and hips. Also, people with joint conditions can cycle as it is considered a great low-impact mode of exercise. Don’t worry about the injuries to the legs or the hips; you’ll just be fine.

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    Coordination Skills
    It is an activity that involves hand, leg and eye coordination. Not only are you exercising your muscles, you are also practicing coordination skills. A complete, holistic exercise!

    Health benefits of cycling

    Cycling is a major mode of transportation in Amsterdam ( Picture Credit: iamsterdam.com)

    Good for Mental Health
    We are well aware that exercise releases endorphins that are great for our body and mind.  It is researched and noted that cycling actually helps many de-stress from their daily problems; it clears the mind.

    Better Immune System
    According to research, cycling helps you build a stronger immune system and could also protect against certain kinds of cancer.

    Riding bikes is extremely fun anyway, and when we know the benefits, it turns into a fun regime! Don’t you think?

    Feature Image Courtesy: femiology.com

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