This 106-Year-Old Woman Shares Cooking Lessons Via YouTube

How will you react if we tell you that there is a YouTube account with over 250,000 subscribers? Most of you will automatically assume the account to be that of a millennial trying something new to add some spunk in his/her life, isn’t it? Well, it is time to jettison the cliched way your brain(…)


Youtuber Arrested For Obscenity

Sumit Verma, a 21-year-old Youtuber, had taken Donald Trump‘s “grab em by the pussy” adage a bit too seriously. Yes, his favourite Bollywood heroes did go about forcing themselves on women, but this poor guy didn’t know better to separate reality from the reel. Verma, who is from Delhi, tried to kiss unsuspecting women in(…)


Male Beauty Vlogger in Maybelline Campaign

With each passing day, the definition of beauty undergoes a change. The boundaries are blurring and the beauty industry seems to finally be accepting change with arms wide open. Cosmetics giant Maybelline joins the bandwagon by introducing its first male star as the face of one of its campaigns. Also Read: Comedian Bharti Singh Nails It(…)


Watch: Priyanka Chopra And Superwoman Together In A Hilarious Video

When our faviourite international star meets the star of YouTube, something amazing is bound to happen. As the excitement rises, we break it to you — actress Priyanka Chopra, recently collaborated with popular Indo-Canadian online personality/YouTube star Lilly Singh, or aka IISuperwomanII, for her new funny video called “How To Be A Good Wing Woman”.(…)


Make up can be an empowering tool for young women

Make up is a shield for some to hide their insecurities behind. It sometimes even makes them confident. It’s not anti-feminist. It’s infact empowering. Just a little bit of eyeliner can make you feel fierce and in control of your surroundings, red lipstick makes you feel that you are on the top of the world(…)


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