Thinkers, Change-Makers Galore: Sagarika Ghose on the Times Lit Fest

SheThePeople.TV is delighted to be partnering with the Times Lit Fest Delhi this weekend, presenting a panel called  The Future is Female: Women Reinventing India. We asked the Festival Director, well-known journalist and writer Sagarika Ghose for more information on the theme — India@70, the emphasis on change-makers, and of course, the names she’s most excited about!(…)


Meet Yashodhara Lal: Writer, Mother, Corporate Executive

Meet Yashodhara Lal — vice-president at Genpact, mother of three kids, a zumba instructor and an author, with not one, but two books out this November! Her newest novel ‘When Love Finds You’ is on pre-order now, while her first children’s book Peanut Has a Plan is also out this month.  Yashodhara talks to SheThePeople.TV about her new(…)


Best-Selling Author Ravinder Singh: Meet The Fans!

It’s all about love, right? Who doesn’t like a good love story, at the end of the day? Trust Ravinder Singh to know it. He’s one of a handful of authors in India to consistently sell, prides himself on a pretty massive fan base, and isn’t resting on his laurels, not even with 5 novels under(…)


Meet Ravinder Singh: From love stories to being feminist

Ravinder Singh is the best-selling author of five novels, starting with ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ — a heart-breaking tale he wrote in the aftermath of losing his girlfriend in a car crash. He talks to Amrita Tripathi for SheThePeople.TV about his incredible journey — from being rejected by publishers outright, to scripting his own success.(…)


Comic Books and Reality: The Craft of Graphic Non-Fiction

1. What led you to come up with this idea for an anthology of graphic non-fiction?  First Hand came as an idea almost two years ago. For me, comics that told urgent, contemporary stories– for example, in the form of journalistic or biographical or even political commentary– were too few. This kind of information most often comes(…)


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