7 Signs That You Were Born To Be A Writer

This strife-torn world we are living in is in need of more and more writers who can mollify people through the power of their words. Writers are born with an innate ability to observe, sense and feel stuff that’s difficult to be spotted by anyone else. “When the imaginary world in your head is more(…)


The Whirl of JLF: Personal Highlights

There’s no point pretending you don’t have FOMO when you’re at JLF — there’s inevitably sessions and speakers you miss, whether because they’re cross-scheduled against other enticing options, or you’re up… for a session, or an interview or a mish-mash of the two. The crowds at JLF are legendary and while it can sometimes feel(…)


Beyond Devi or Devil: The Myriad Faces of Women in Myths

By Kavita Kané The devi or the devil? The winner or the vamp? The good or the bad. The answer, of course, will be as stereotyped as the question itself. It is far easy and presumptive  to bracket characters and people in mythology into stereotypes and to paint them either black or white than see them(…)


Breaking it Down: The Modern Indian Woman

The Shilpa Shetty moment this week should be ample evidence to all of you that culture does matter. Literature and reading may be important for no other reason in the 21st century than to avoid tripping up on social media. Be warned! Of course I’m joking — the point of literature, apart from elevating your(…)


Kavita Kane Tells Stories of Unsung Women from Mythology

Was Surpanakha a vamp or a victim? Was she a woman more hated than hateful? Indian author Kavita Kane delves into the infamous character of Surpanakha from the Hindu epic Ramayana. The best-selling author is famous for writing on lesser-known female characters from the Indian mythology as her collection of written books include Karna’s Wife,(…)


Meet the Poets: Shahnaz Munni

SheThePeople.TV is partnering with the Poets Translating Poets Festival to be held on November 25-27 across Mumbai. Fifty poets have participated in a two-year-long project which aimed to provide a forum to contemporary poets from India and other South Asian countries and Germany to translate poetry across several languages. The festival in Mumbai will comprise poetry readings, discussions, photo(…)


Meet Yashodhara Lal: Writer, Mother, Corporate Executive

Meet Yashodhara Lal — vice-president at Genpact, mother of three kids, a zumba instructor and an author, with not one, but two books out this November! Her newest novel ‘When Love Finds You’ is on pre-order now, while her first children’s book Peanut Has a Plan is also out this month.  Yashodhara talks to SheThePeople.TV about her new(…)


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