Is The Workplace Ready For The F-Word?

Has the revolution of feminism made the much needed changes at the workplace? This was one of the vital questions at the Women Writers’ Fest. Leading women from varied fields like comedy to leadership discussed the issue.


Women Writers’ Fest: Where Are The Missing Women?

Where are the women? We have often asked that question and wondered about the reasons behind this. This was the subject of the panel that kicked off the Women Writers’ Fest by SheThePeople.TV and Vedica Scholars in New Delhi.


Where’s the Love and Freedom in Marriage: Writer Sharanya Manivannan

If you thought a college degree was a pre-requisite to success, in the literary world, Sharanya Manivannan will give you a run for your money. “I don’t have a college degree, not because I was such a rebel but because my family is thoroughly dysfunctional,” Sharanya tells SheThePeople.TV. Also Read: SheThePeople.TV Celebrates Women Writers  Growing up in(…)


Yoga Helped Me Find Myself as a Writer: Ira Trivedi

Ira Trivedi is one India’s best loved authors. I became addicted to her books after reading There’s No Love on Wall Street which is about a young woman discovering just how misogynistic and cut-throat the seemingly glossy world of investment banking can be. Trivedi is multi-talented. She is an alumnus of Columbia Business School, has written(…)


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