Women’s Rights

South Africa: Men Protest Against Abuse Of Women and Children

Men in South Africa are standing up for the rights of women and children. Hundreds of protesters marched in Pretoria, the South African capital to protest against violence against women and children. If you thought that India is alone in dealing with the problem of sexual violence against women, then you should know that South(…)


Maneka Gandhi Warns Bohra Community To End FGM

Union Women and child development (WCD)minister Maneka Gandhi has reportedly imposed a caveat on Dawoodi Bohra community to voluntarily cease the practice of female genital mutilation else the government will step in and ban the practice. Also Read: A Comprehensive Report On Sahiyo, An Organisation Dedicated To Ending FGM Among Bohra People “We will write(…)


New Ad Urges Companies To Be Sensitive Towards Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be the most tumultuous phase in a working woman’s life. There are a lot of emotional and biological changes taking place in the body that can rob her of all the energy. In such a situation, cooperation from employees and other senior authorities is the least she expects from the workplace. A new(…)


UP Village To Penalize Women Using Cellphones In Public

In Madora village of Uttar Pradesh, cellphones are considered to be devices that lead to erosion of moral and ethical values in women. And so, this village is trying to discourage the use of cellphones among its women by slapping a fine of Rs 21,000 on them if they are seen committing the crime of talking on the cellphone in public.


Pregnant Woman Asked To Avoid Work Event With Baby Bump

Sexism at workplace is an age-old concept. But doubting a woman’s professional competence because of her pregnancy is bizarre and invokes anger. A woman, going by the name Crapuccino on mumsnet, revealed how a male colleague reacted when she told him that she was very nervous as she has to attend an important work event. Her(…)


Feminism Through Poetry: Bringing A Change Through Words

Women’s safety, sexuality and liberation were the topics of discourse at a recent event organised by Apne Aap Women Worldwide in Delhi. Reciting their work at this event were Anju Sharma, Ashima Kumari, Ashok Pandey, Ngurang Reena, Sanjay Shepherd, Madhu, Aruna Lakshmi Ramu and Dr Sujata.


Dr Ambedkar’s Words That Inspire

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution, studied at the London School of Economics and at Columbia University in the US, completing PhD in Economics. He used education as a tool to rise above and become one of the great leaders of modern India. He was the 1st Dalit student to complete his college,(…)


Saudi Arabia Launches Girls’ Council, But Where Are The Girls?

Saudi Arabia appears to be working towards gender equality. The country, which denies women rights, has now launched its first ever Girls’ Council, according to posts from a meeting held recently. However, what may look like a promising step to you could be a disaster as the recently released pictures show that among the 13(…)


Saudi Arabia Opens Doors To Women-Only Gyms

In a bid to make life a wee bit easier for Saudi women, the kingdom is now set to open female-only gyms in every district, according to CNN. The aim is to give women access to recreational activities so that they could join a gym without any hesitation. Also Read: Saudi Arabia Celebrates Its First Women’s Day(…)


‘Gender Budgeting’ For More Than A Decade: Do The Numbers Stack Up?

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s Budget speech mentioned the word “women” 13 times. It increased spending on women related-schemes by 18%, making that amount 5.2% of the total budget. However, one must remember that ~5% of the budget is earmarked for 48% of the population. It increased spending on women related-schemes by 18%, making that amount(…)


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