“Never give up without putting in your best. ” Chandra Gopalan

Chandra Gopalan, Director of Contours India, biggest chain of women’s gyms in the country, quit her job as regional manager of Swiss Air to pursue her passion as her profession. Chandra is the first senior woman to complete the 100 kilometres and a 24-hour run on the Bangalore Ultra. She loves running, it is a way of life(…)


Neetu Singh Of Total Yoga Believes In Yoga-Inspired Living!

A yoga enthusiast who has also walked the ramp as a showstopper during the Dubai Fashion Weeks. Neetu Singh (37) earned the tag of being the most dynamic and fitness-driven person, whose style statement is Power Yoga.  She started up Total Yoga with co-founder Manish Pole. Currently, Total Yoga has centres in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Singapore(…)


How can Yoga be Transformational for Working Women?

More than ever before, women today play many different roles in their lives. They are professionals, mothers, spouses, friends, caregivers of elderly relatives and volunteers in communities. Maintaining a balance between family and work is tough enough; to find time for yourself on top of that is nearly impossible. Spending all their time juggling your(…)


Progress Cravers: 10 Women Entrepreneurs, 10 Hopes For 2017

2016 was the year we saw the rise of women entrepreneurs in India - new ideas were launched, some got funded, others got scaled. The story didn’t stop. StartUp India came to life through the government, and there were new efforts to promote women entrepreneurship across the income spectrum. Women Entrepreneurs have reached here on a wave(…)


5 women entrepreneurs on how they started up

Starting up a business is, by now, not a new discussion. Almost everyone is at least thinking about it, if not actually doing it. But what would lead you to actually take the plunge? You know it’s not easy, and it isn’t. Yet you know you could do it – so what’s holding you back?(…)


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