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The Story Inside Us: Why I Turned to Writing

When I was working fulltime for an insurance company in 2011, I wrote every Friday night. The writing would continue for most part of the weekend interrupted briefly by usual weekend activities, a movie, maybe dinner outside, a visit to the local comedy club to catch a gig, small things like that. Then, I was(…)


Wicked Women in Indian Mythology by Kavita Kane

Considering we have a festival Holi named after Holika,  a demoness,  brings up a relevant question – does evilness have gender? It should not. Wicked thought would pervade both a man and a woman with equal viciousness. But then why does a wicked woman shock  more than say an evil man? Are we stuck in(…)


Highlights From A Weekend Of Women Writers

SheThePeople.TV hosted a fabulous Women Writers Festival over the weekend, where writers from all genres came together to speak about the issues that mattered most to them. From food writers, to script writers, authors and journalists, the event was a smorgasbord of insightful discussions, and interesting debates.


A Room Of Her Own: Why Financial Independence Is Important For Women

At the Women Writers Fest in Mumbai, a pro-career and working women discussion put the big question about the monies. Who is the bread earner? Women need to be prepared to stay financially smart and independent. Are they doing enough? Do they need a stash of their own? How can they keep themselves financially separate(…)


Women Writers Fest Agenda Mumbai

March 17th, Friday 2pm Orange is not the only fruit: How the discourse around gender and sexuality is changing in our writing SapnaMotiBhavnani HarrishIyer Deborah Grey Moderator: HariniCalamur   3pm Writing about Fashion, can Fashion and feminism be linked? NonitaKalra- reached out SupernaMotwane Amena/ @fashionopolis Plus sized fashion blogger and feminist KavyaDsouza fashion blogger @streakhuefall(…)


Women Writers’ Fest Mumbai -Two Days Of Powerful Conversations & People

SheThePeople.TV is bringing the Women Writers Fest to Mumbai. In partnership with Goethe Institut, empowered by Colors TV the focus is on new form writing. Have You Registered Yet? It’s Free. The Women Writers’ Festival Mumbai 2017 will reflect on women’s writing across genres – with special spotlight on long form, short form, publishing, script(…)


The Author Is The CEO Of A Book: Renuka Chatterjee

Publishing is famously considered to be a profession which has cracked the code to shattering the glass ceiling. Publishing houses all around the world and in India boast of spirited women leaders who publish best-selling and critically acclaimed books across all genres. At the Women Writers’ Festival Renuka Chatterjee, Vice-President, (Publishing), Speaking Tiger and Poulomi(…)


Law alone can’t deter sexual harassment at workplace

The Women Writers’ Festival session titled ‘The politics of sexual harassment: fighting stigmas, stereotypes and status quo’ began with an acknowledgment from the panelists that law alone cannot be a deterrent to cases of sexual harassment, which seem to have spread like an epidemic. Every time a person in power abuses his position and gets(…)


Women In Workforce: What Students Have To Say

SheThePeople.TV is proud to present the Women Writers’ Fest in collaboration with Vedica Scholars on February 25 and 26. The fest will provide a forum for women to come together and discuss issues that are pertinent to them. The themes of the festival will focus around women in the workplace, and what we must do(…)


Draw when you can’t write says author Nikita Deshpande

Nikita Deshpande, the author of the bestselling book, It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote, has been writing for as long as she can remember. She was six-year-old when her father gave her notebook and said, “Here, fill this up…” And she did. She wrote poetry and kept a journal. She won an All India Poetry(…)


Young Women On Why We Need A Women Writers’ Fest

SheThePeople.TV and Vedica Scholars is organising the first-ever Women Writers’ fest in Delhi on February 24 and 25. We spoke to Vedica Scholars on their thoughts on being a woman in the workforce and why they think a festival dedicated especially to women is crucial. Yes, initiatives such as these should be encouraged in the(…)


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