Women in tech in India

Stereotypical notion that women can’t do well in tech is false: Akshay Ahuja

“The stereotypical notion that women can’t do well in the technological field is completely false.” Akshay Ahuja “We have never experienced any reluctance from girls to come up for our Robotics courses,” asserts Akshay Ahuja of RoboChamps , as he discusses Women in Tech with SheThePeople.TV. Also Watch: Padmasree Warrior On Women In Tech Ahuja(…)


Educating young India with 21st Century Skills for the future workforce

Workplaces are increasingly becoming digital and more than 75% of future jobs require Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M). The transformation of the education technology landscape to meet this required skill force, is unquestionable. According to a study by HSBC, 51% of Indian parents said that the ultimate goal they wanted for their child is(…)


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