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DCW Steps In To Ensure Woman Gets Maternity Leave Pay

Recently, a woman was denied her salary while she was on maternity leave by a company in Okhla region of Delhi. She complained about it to the Delhi Commission for Women which intervened with the company officials and retrieved the woman’s pay for the months concerned while she was on maternity leave.


Meet Healing Master Dr Ritu Singh Who Has Transformed Many Lives

Having experimented with Cards of Divinity and Reiki for years, Dr Ritu Singh started her own venture CHI-DELHI in year 2000. Improving others’ health was this Hypnotherapist’s concern and she converted it into a simple act of nature. She speaks to SheThePeople.TV about her work.


Four Contemporary Women Authors Writing Horror Flicks

When it comes to Indian authors who write horror books, we tend to ignore the genre altogether. But here are some Indian women authors who seek to change the way we think or read in India. These authors will leave you mortified with their spine-chilling stories.


Powerful women, Powerful voices this women’s day

On International Women’s Day, here are eight Indian women who have forged their own destinies and carved their own careers, letting nothing and no one get in the way of their dreams. Gitanjali Surendran, Lawyer 1. “It is important for one to find the things that speak to you… but there needs to be a larger systemic change.  Women are(…)


Run Mommy Run: How it changes my life every second

A question that I was asked,” Why do you want to run?” set me off thinking on the reasons. Here are my random musings on Why I run I’m searching for a word: a word that will describe why I want to run. It could be a three or four words or short sentence too. This(…)


Ranchi To Witness First All-Women Car Rally On March 26

The people of Ranchi will soon get to experience the city’s first all-women car rally. An NGO, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Udaan, is organising the women’s car rally on March 26 in collaboration with the Ranchi Adventure Wheelers (RAW) and the Ranchi Club.


Did feminism have an impact on good marriages? Asks Kiran Manral

Back in the 1960s when Betty Friedan wrote that seminal book, The Feminine Mystique, she set a butterfly into the ethers of gender politics, one which would eventually cause a cyclone later. Many believed that this book was to blame for the sudden spike in dissatisfaction amongst the middle class married woman at the time,(…)


Family Budget: Do Women Need To Save More Than Men?

The value of saving money should never be undermined. It helps one prioritize one’s life. But have you ever wondered what impact gender can have on the amount of savings one does? According to a study conducted by TIAA, women should save more than their male counterparts. SheThePeople.TV interviewed women of different age-groups to know(…)


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