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First Look Of Haseena & Other Real Life-Inspired Bollywood Films

The first glimpse of Shraddha Kapoor‘s upcoming film, Haseena – The Queen of Mumbai, in which she plays Haseena Parkar, the late sister of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, will give you the chills. This is the first time that Shraddha has come out of her bubbly-image and stunned us with her absolutely bold facade. Shraddha will be(…)


Cinema not divorced from cultures: Anupama Chopra on women in films

  Anupama Chopra is among the most credible cinema writers and critics in the world. She understands and observes the nuances and under-skin of India’s glorified and criticised Bollywood industry. In this candid conversation with Features Editor Meghna Pant, Chopra shares that ‘objectifying’ women in cinema isn’t an Indian phenomenon. By no means justifying it,(…)


Iconic Bollywood films that shattered glass ceiling

Binjal Shah explores the films that helped in change the way women are viewed in India. Bollywood- perhaps the country’s biggest trend-setter- has also used its powers for good. Some recent movies have put women power in the spotlight


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