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12 Inspiring Quotes From IBM’s Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty, a well-known American business executive, began her career with IBM in 1981, Detroit. In her journey with the organisation spanning over four-decades she has held a series of leadership positions. Currently, she holds the position of the Chairwoman, President and CEO of IBM. Ginni is the first female head of the company. The(…)


Startup FAQs answered by those who have started up and learnt the hard way

When you have a startup idea in mind, talking to entrepreneurs who have already set up their firms gives you perspective and vision. Not everyone’s startup mantra is same and these variations are what help startups grow. Here’s a compilation of startup FAQs based on advice from several women entrepreneurs. I’m supposed to have ‘a(…)


61% Indian women believe they earn equal money as men, such a myth!

Many reports have been coming up saying how visibility of women can help economy grow and promote equality in the larger picture. But, is that the case? Are women earning the same as their male counterparts? Is their equality in the rules? What do women think about this? To know the answer to these questions(…)


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