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Woman entrepreneur? Tap into StartUp India resources just for you!

India’s biggest effort to bring together startup founders, StartUp India wants more women entrepreneurs to tap into their resources. Whether it’s training programs and modules to getting their companies certified by the government of India. The DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek has gone on record to say he is very optimistic about women entrepreneurs growing the startup ecosystem(…)


6 Things That Women Can Wear For Safety

Women can finally roam around freely while keeping up with their style statement, thanks to some great technology. Read on to know about 6 such wearable items invented for women’s safety.


After De’s Fat-Shaming, VLCC Founder Offers To Help Cops Loose Weight

Anti-obesity exponent Vandana Luthra recently gave keen attention to the latest melodrama of Socialite-columnist Shobhaa De fat-shaming a cop. Now, social media is abuzz with a comment by VLCC founder Vandana Luthra. @CPMumbaiPolice More than glad to help all service personnel to stay fit @VLCCindia let's unite against obesity — Vandana Luthra (@Vandanaluthra) February 22, 2017 Luthra, while acknowledging(…)


How to Deal With the Emotional Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur looks more glamorous than it actually is. With the perks of owning your own company comes major responsibility. The ups and downs of your business affect not only you, but also how many ever people you employ and you investors. So what are the emotional challenges you will face as an entrepreneur(…)


This Entrepreneur’s Venture Lets You Have Fun By Breaking Things

“There wasn’t much to do in Delhi apart from dining or hanging out with friends. That’s when my partner and I thought of coming up with the idea of starting Break Room,” says Sanwari Gupta, Founder and CEO of Break Room. Break Room in Gurgaon helps you destroy items at your own will. Sounds bizarre?(…)


Latika Wadhwa’s Startup Helps You Engage With Social Causes

“In 2013, I was walking to my office when I saw little children walking barefoot on the streets asking for alms. It was a turning point in my life. Since then,  I have been working on various social issues plaguing our society,” shares Latika Wadhwa, founder of MaStyle Care. She was only 23 when she resolved to(…)


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