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Weighed Down By The Imposter Syndrome? You’re Not Alone

Imposter syndrome is when someone feels like they don’t deserve their success, when they feel like an imposter in their current role — when they feel like they just don’t belong. Psychologists have found that women feel the imposter syndrome more than men. Among the successful women who have felt like imposters are Emma Watson, Kate(…)


Being A Woman Entrepreneur In India

 ‘Start up’- It’s that one thing that has taken the world by storm. An interesting fact about start-ups is that they are dynamic and not restricted to any one field. In this day and age, when people want security and aren’t open to risks, being an entrepreneur is one gutsy move. Unfortunately, women entrepreneurs are(…)


Shaheen Khan On How CEDP Is Transforming Lives Of Underprivileged Kids

Mumbaikar Shaheen Khan always wanted to do something for underprivileged children. In 2010, she co-founded the Council of Education & Development Program (CEDP), an NGO that imparts training to people and helps them become self-sufficient — free of cost. While making sure that these underprivileged kids also make a good living for themselves, CEDP, which now(…)


Israeli Entrepreneur Nitzan Solan Says Hydroponics Can Be Solution To World Hunger

At the Indo-Israeli Entrepreneurship Forum, Nitzan Solan’s eyes gleam with excitement as she explains her startup. The Israeli entrepreneur is the CEO and co-founders of LivingBox – a portable, modular and sustainable system that allows you to grow vegetables anywhere and everywhere. The standalone, fold-able LivingBox uses a hydroponic system enabling individuals or families to grow vegetables on water, without the(…)


Riddhi Gupta’s House Of Wow: Dancing with a Twist

Riddhi Gupta decided to leave behind a career in Economics and Statistics to pursue her passion for dance. Trained professionally in the Tanjore style of Bharatnatyam as a child, she has travelled across the globe and within the country meeting master trainers and experts. Her venture the House of Wow fuses different verticals of dance and curates(…)


Priyanka and Payal Bhattacharya are introducing Indian folk to little babies

Children’s clothing is a big business – and swaddles and onesies for newborns even bigger? In India for years the market has been unorganised with very few brands emerging. In the last decade we have seen a shift towards baby stuff across online platforms allowing for more homebred ideas and brands to emerge. Accessories and(…)


Vani Kola Steps Down from Snapdeal Board Amid Sale Talks with Flipkart

Vani Kola, the popular Indian venture capitalist who runs Kalaari Capital, has recently resigned from the board of beleaguered online marketplace Snapdeal, amid the rumours of its probable selling to the bigger shark, and rival Flipkart. Longest Serving #investor @VaniKola Resigns from @snapdeal Board. #startupindia #startups @rsardana @sangwan_sujata https://t.co/jd0xa1BR3S pic.twitter.com/Nm4uTa68ZB — BW Disrupt (@BwDisrupt) May 15,(…)


7 PR Hacks to Get the Customers to Love Your Brand

Public relations is a must for any brand trying to make its way into the market. Big companies usually use PR agencies to do their work, but smaller companies usually do PR work themselves or hire someone in-house for their needs. Good PR depends on the media connections you make, so it is always a(…)


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