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8 ways to make the best first impression at work

First impression is the last  impression. People almost always remember how well (or not so well) they are treated. So make sure that your first impression on people is good especially at work. Here are a few tips that will help you make the best first impression at work: 1) Smile & Name people :(…)


Woman entrepreneur? Tap into StartUp India resources just for you!

India’s biggest effort to bring together startup founders, StartUp India wants more women entrepreneurs to tap into their resources. Whether it’s training programs and modules to getting their companies certified by the government of India. The DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek has gone on record to say he is very optimistic about women entrepreneurs growing the startup ecosystem(…)


Boss Lady and the workplace: Discussion spotlight at SheThePeople Power Breakfast

Soon after women around the world protested the disparity, sexism and inherent bias they face in their professional and public lives, twenty aspiring and successful Women entrepreneurs gathered to reflect and emerge from the challenges of being a “boss lady” in an otherwise male-dominated environment. At SheThePeople’s Rise and Shine Power Breakfast event on Tuesday,(…)


Making Home Dining an Experience, Entrepreneur Ami Kothari

Ami Kothari believes in the adage that less is more. Having always loved entertaining guests at her home in Mumbai, she started her dining couture company two years ago. Her career as a table stylist is a manifestation of her own creativity and passion for making dining an experience. “Initially, I didn’t think of pursuing(…)


Turning Period Pain Into Rewards – Yogita Muttha,The Violet Box

Every month, us women go through the 5 days of the month, where we experience different emotions of pain. Science has come a long way in helping us deal with the technicalities and keeping the hygiene levels up during the menstruation period, but in parts of India- girls still don’t have access to basic sanitation(…)


Six Women Social Entrepreneurs In India You Should Know

Women have made a mark when it comes to being successful entrepreneurs or leading big organisations across the globe. We have collated a list of 6 social entrepreneurs, who are not only making money in their respective business but are driven by the passion of aiding the social causes they strongly believe in. Aditi Gupta,(…)


Ramesh Abhishek promises women entrepreneurs bigger government support

DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek raised important issues surrounding women entrepreneurship at the Digital Women Awards organised by SheThePeople.TV - from increasing funding opportunities to growing the mentoring ecosystem. In a powerfully worded talk he talked of systemic issues in gender inequality and why there was a need to fix and reverse the trends around women participation(…)


Artificial intelligence is about everyday lives: Ashwini Asokan

Ashwini Asokan, founder of Mad Street Den, uses artificial intelligence for everyday products and services as part of consumers’ shopping experience. They have for long had to spend time explaining what they do. But Asokan has been determined and believes that’s the only way. “I think I actively say different kind of stories about AI(…)


Dos and Don’ts of start-up funding

Getting capital for your new venture is honestly a tedious, stressful and exhausting process. We aren’t going to sugar coat the truth. But what we will help you do, is give you tips on how to be smart about getting the funding for your idea. The investors are observing you and your game plan. An(…)


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