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Women Outperform Men In Investing: Survey

Women are better at investing than men. This research is backed by a recently released Women and Money Survey from Fidelity Investments which states that there is a huge difference between the returns and savings of men and women in 2016.


Anita Kundu Becomes The First Indian Woman To Scale Everest From China Side

Besides mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa’s fifth successful climb to the Mt. Everest, there is another reason for Indians to celebrate. Anita Kundu, a Sub-Inspector in Haryana Police, has reportedly become the first Indian woman to climb the peak from the Chinese side. She commenced her expedition on 13th April this year but encountered a lot of challenges(…)


Anshu Jamsenpa Climbs Mt Everest Twice In One Season, Creates World Record

What would you expect a woman breaking a national record to do? Rest on her laurels and enjoy the adulation? 37-year-old Anshu Jamsenpa from Arunachal Pradesh doesn’t think like that. After returning from the Mount Everest peak for the fourth time last Tuesday, she tried a double ascent in a season and succeeded. This valiant woman(…)


This Kolkata Girl Stopped Child Marriage, Fears Going To School Now

The ill-treatment meted out to this revolutionary 13-year-old girl from Malda district in Kolkata will astound you. Some local people are thwarting her from going to school by assaulting her repeatedly. Her only fault was that she had dared to voice her opinion against child-marriage. Beauty Khatun had gone to attend a marriage in the(…)


Virendra Sehwag Calls For A Women’s IPL

Women today are proving their mettle in every field known to mankind. Acknowledging the strides they have been making, former Indian opener Virendra Sehwag took to twitter to express his ardent desire to have a women’s IPL. He wrote, “I think it’s high time we have a Women’s IPL, just like they have Big Bash for(…)


Going Sologamous: This Woman In New York Married Herself

Do you feel bogged down by questions regarding settling down? Has your search for finding a perfect soulmate turned futile? Or are you averse to the whole concept of finding a better half to complete yourself? Well, it is time to cheer up because now there is a solution to deal with your single status without(…)


5 Iconic Protests Led By Indian Women

India owes its democratic spirit to many female leaders who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the greater good for humanity. Interestingly, these women didn’t only rise in unison for issues concerning gender, but spearheaded some great environmental and political movements in our country. Read on to know about 5 such iconic protests that were(…)


This Dad’s Story Of Helping His Daughters Seek Education Will Move You

Parents can do anything to see their children happy. From sacrificing their own comfort to saving each penny for fulfilling their dreams, parents leave no stone unturned to give their children everything that they didn’t get. GMB Akash, a photographer by profession, uploaded a father’s heart-melting story on Facebook. Since its upload, the story has(…)


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