Women Authors

Read more to write more, says Sara Naveed

The plot for her book Our Story Ends Here came to Sara Naveed while listening to a romantic Bollywood number when she was heading home from work. The author who has a master in Banking and Finance knew what she wanted to write – she wanted ‘an extremist to fall head over heels for a(…)


On her Birthday: Rewinding Back to Enid Blyton Times

Today is the day to reminiscence about all the adventure stories you read during the early school years. Yes, today we celebrate Enid Blyton’s birth anniversary. A woman who changed story-telling for the younger generation in with her captivating plots and twists. Reading Enid Blyton was “cool” in school. Students walked out of the library(…)


Why I chose a plus-sized heroine for my novel

She’s strong, spunky, super-confident and FAT – you can’t miss her even if you wanted to. Shuchi Singh Karla writes a special post for SheThePeople on what she faced. Fat girls are real and they are not even rare. Then how come nobody’s telling their stories? I’ve grown up reading romances, and believe me, I’ve(…)


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