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The TVF Sexual Harassment Case: How Deep Is It?

The startup world woke up in shock about the sexual harassment allegations against the co-founder of The Viral Fever (TVF). On March 12, co-founder Arunabh Kumar found himself battling sexual harassment accusations presented by an anonymous post from an ex-TVF female employee. The post, titled “The Indian Uber – That is TVF”, the author, @Indian Fowler, made(…)


TVF Sexual Harassment Case: Comedians Out In Support Of Women

The Viral Fever, famous start-up that creates humorous video content for the web, is the latest to join corporate companies accused of sexual abuse at the workplace. Allegedly an ex-TVF employee, going by the name of Indian Fowler, wrote a first-person account of the ordeal she suffered at the hands of the CEO and co-founder,(…)


She Leads India: Nine Women On The One Change They Want To See

What’s that one change you want to see? This Women’s Day month as part of our campaign She Leads India – we bring you voices from different workfields on what must change for women. Every woman is waiting for a day when patriarchy will be dead. Feminist goals need to convert and impact social change.(…)


The Work Is Tough But Worth It, Says Female Cabbie

The Indian-driving scene has been mostly male-dominated for a long time, but now even females are stepping into the field. These women are an enthusiastic lot who want to earn a living as cab drivers. I caught up with one such driver at the airport and her experiences are a revelation of a female cabbie’s life. “I started(…)


10 Habits of the Happiest People By Shilpa Pandey

Why are some people happy all of the time? The happiest people have habits that raise the odds of feeling happy. Unhappy people have habits that result in less desirable feelings. It can be that simple. If you’re not as happy as you’d like, take a look at your habits. Those that are happy share(…)


With Mums And Their Stories, Reshma Krishnamurthy Runs Her StartUp

Celebrating stories of Mums is what keeps Blogger-Storyteller Reshma Krishnamurthy busy. In her entrepreneurial venture, she shares stories of mothers with the world through an online platform called Mums and Stories. “When I felt that one can connect with lots of mothers, I started this. I had to make it viable for me as a mum(…)


For Tarunjeet Rattan, Love For Travel, Exploration Led To Her PR Firm

Bitten by wanderlust, Tarunjeet Rattan dreamed of travelling and exploring new cities and Public Relations let her do just that. Encouraged by her parents to prioritize knowledge above everything else, she interacted with people in various industries and explored new media verticals till she decided to make a career for herself in Public Relations. Excerpts(…)


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