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Edit-a-thon To Compile Information On 100 Odia Women Achievers

A two-day-long, 100 women edit-a-thon event was held in Bhubaneswar on 18 and 19 March. This first-of its kind of event in India, it was jointly organised by ‘Sambad’, arguably the largest circulated Odia daily, and Odia Wikipedia to mark the International Women’s Month. Edit-a-thons are events in which editors of various online communities, such(…)


Ride to be One: Maral Yazarloo is biking across seven continents

Passion for speed and biking is often associated with machismo. But Dr Maral Yazarloo is a woman who can shut these stereotypes. Along with Pankaj Trivedi, a photographer and fellow biker, she has embarked upon the journey “Ride to be One“, which commenced on March 15, 2017. They will be travelling for about a year(…)


Kangana Ranaut Ready To Turn Director

Soon to be seen as Rani Lakshmibai on screen, actress Kangana Ranaut is simultaneously gearing up to be a director and if sources are to be believed, she is opting to direct a biopic.


Can I Bag It All Asks Nina Lekhi In Her First Book On Business

Nina Lekhi turned an entrepreneur when the words starting up were not even fashionable. Entrepreneurship meant business and that was an idea most women in her times (1980s) steered away from. Nina started and built Baggit, probably India’s first bags enterprise made in India. Travelling from the comfort of her home to the bylanes of(…)


For Tarunjeet Rattan, Love For Travel, Exploration Led To Her PR Firm

Bitten by wanderlust, Tarunjeet Rattan dreamed of travelling and exploring new cities and Public Relations let her do just that. Encouraged by her parents to prioritize knowledge above everything else, she interacted with people in various industries and explored new media verticals till she decided to make a career for herself in Public Relations. Excerpts(…)


An International Conclave In Bihar To Boost Women Empowerment

An international conclave in Bihar to celebrate women. On 18th and 19th February 2017 at B.P Shastri Agricultural College in Purnia, Bihar, a two-day event will witness scholars from different fields exchanging ideas. In the spotlight, is the conclave organised by Xena World, women will get together to discuss problems related to urban and rural(…)


The India Case: Raising sons the right way can transform a society

Family is the most fundamental unit of Indian society. Children observe their parents’ behaviour and try to emulate the same. However, the recent spurt in harassment cases is testimony to the fact that families are not raising their sons properly. While girls are trained to be submissive, what message are we giving to our sons?(…)


Has feminism failed mothers who want to just mother? By Kiran Manral

When I got married over a couple of decades ago, I didn’t think of marriage as a necessary precursor to motherhood. Twenty years later, I still don’t. It took eight years for the biological clock to begin clanging furiously about the need to reproduce and contribute my mite to the global genetic pool. But once(…)


StartUp India Streamlines Supporting Infrastructure For Entrepreneurs

There are many reasons why startups must register on the government’s StartUp India portal. From funding to accreditation and patents, the Department of Industry Promotion has made an effort to put more and more information in the hands of entrepreneurs. The DIPP Secretary Ramesh Abhishek has gone on record to say he is very optimistic(…)


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