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Video Volunteers: Ordeal of a pregnant woman

It has been a long, long haul for Ranjana, and she is quieted by exhaustion and apprehension in equal parts. This is the second hospital she has been admitted to that day and both have treated her with superb disdain, making her wait for hours together, refusing to give her treatment without money, slapping her(…)


One Woman Challenges a 400 Year Old Custom, Wins the Battle

From Hinduism to Judaism to Christianity to Islam, religious restrictions surrounding menstruation and the belief that it makes women’s bodies impure are common across the board. While the judiciary has upheld women’s right to equality in cases of Shani Shingnapur, Haji Ali and Sabarimala, where women were denied entry to religious sites, the practice continues(…)


Meet Mithu Tikadar: Playing to her Own Beat

The field of art is as gendered as the rest of the fields. While men refrain from being dancers and women are encouraged, musicians too have such biases where certain instruments are considered suited more for men. Mithu Tikadar is a musician, considered unusual in her choice of instrument: the tabla. Traditionally seen as the(…)


Without toilets, women wait for the dark

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan claims to have constructed around 80 lakhs toilets around the countryside across India yet our Community correspondent Usha reports a completely different picture of what is happening in the Batauwan village of Uttar Pradesh.  Lack of toilets in the village is forcing these women to not relieve themselves till the dark. Even(…)


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