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Priya Ramani takes on trolls at Position of Strength

Dealing with trolls is a big part of safety on Twitter according to Priya Ramani. “There are lot of super educated trolls and they are vicious,” she asserts. Speaking at #PositionOfStrength organised by Twitter & SheThePeople at Bengaluru, Ramani reflects on how trolls are impacting social media and why that’s not just an Indian phenomenon.(…)


Collaboration & network key strengths of Twitter

Social media is a great source of collaboration and today is among the leading economic employment opportunities for people. This says, V Shakthi who is a differently abled person and used Twitter to engage with brands and a strong social network. Shakthi gives examples of the many who he has connected with thanks to social(…)


Position of Strength: Using social media as an effective tool

Meet Elizabeth Chen. She has made friends and built a network on social media. In a freewheeling and interactive chat at #PositionOfStrength organised by Twitter and SheThePeople in Bengaluru, Chen reflects on how she has leveraged Twitter to have a meaningful dialogue, have a strong ecosystem that fosters intelligent conversation and grows through collaboration. Twitter(…)


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