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5 Young Activists Trying To Make A Better World

Women activists are not afraid to voice their opinion, be it Arundhati Roy, Medha Patkar or Irom Sharmila. These women fight bravely for the causes dear to them. And the next generation is no less, whether it is women fighting for abortion rights, access to technology, or against Triple Talaaq. Here are 5 among hundreds(…)


10 Ways to Fight against Sexual Assault on Campus

One cannot address sexual violence through the prism of a ‘woman’s only’ issue. It is a public heath issue that adversely affects the societal climate with lasting psycho-social and economic ramifications. In the recent past, Sexual Harassment at the Workplace has been addressed through cases such as the Tehelka and the Pachauri case. However there(…)


Is Bollywood scared of feminism?

Is India’s film industry scared of the word Feminism? Do we give too much attention to what and how our stars think? Are they really feminists if the industry is yet debating gender pay gap? Or where women surge and grow basis the choice of the Khans?  Recently Lisa Haydon who played a bold role in(…)


Feminist Rani: Making public spaces safe for women

Making public spaces safe for women – our effort in this edition of FEMINIST RANI made an effort to engage with people who are using technology to help make more public spaces safer for women. “We need to stop being tolerant, we need to speak up,” insisted Trisha Shetty, Founder of She Says India. Her(…)


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