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What Indian Men Look for on Tinder And What Women Have To Say

A survey released on Valentine’s day, (co-incidence? I think not) revealed just exactly what is it that Indian men look for in a woman on Tinder, the dating app. First let us summarise what desired qualities do women look for:  What men look for: A clear distinction of interests, it seems…and no wonder this also(…)


Bumble: The Dating App Where Women Take The Lead

Dating app Bumble has been in the news because it has recently banned users from uploading mirror selfies and other inappropriate pictures. But that’s not the only reason why the app is unique: Among a sea of dating apps, Bumble is the only one that requires women to initiate a conversation. Once a woman matches(…)


Love and Dating in the World of Tech

Love and dating have meant different things to different people, and let’s be honest, for some it might be the whole happily ever after, but for others, it’s a quest to get laid. Meeting people used to be fairly straightforward, or at the very least pretty standard — you met in school, college, a place(…)


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