6 Benefits of A Digital Detox

In today’s world driven by the technology we are ever so dependent on it. At work, we stare at our computer screens for 8-10 hours straight. When we get back home, we switch on the television, or we browse through the internet on our phones. Our lives don’t allow us to give technology a break. This is(…)


5 Ways To Connect With Your Teenager

Teenagers are a tough lot to handle. The advent of technology and internet has exacerbated the situation. In such a scenario, it becomes important for parents to take the onus of connecting with their teenagers on themselves. 1. Speak to them every day Parents must keep a track of a teen’s whereabouts by speaking to him/her(…)


Massive Phishing Attack On Google Now Under Control

Recently, Google users were hit by a massive phishing attack. The attack sent out an email asking you to click on a Google Doc link. Once you clicked that link, it would take you to a Google Sign In page, where you’d enter your details, and voila! your account would be hacked. What made this(…)


Woman Uses Video Conferencing To Seek Divorce From Husband

Even our judiciary seems to have adapted itself to the digital revolution sweeping the country. A Pune court recently heard a woman petitioner based in London through video conferencing and granted her divorce from her husband. The couple, working as IT professionals, got hitched in May 2015 but marital problems started surfacing soon after. “Barely(…)


This 106-Year-Old Woman Shares Cooking Lessons Via YouTube

How will you react if we tell you that there is a YouTube account with over 250,000 subscribers? Most of you will automatically assume the account to be that of a millennial trying something new to add some spunk in his/her life, isn’t it? Well, it is time to jettison the cliched way your brain(…)


You Need To Know Who Regina Dugan Is

If you haven’t heard of Regina Dugan, then today is a good day to learn about her. Regina Dugan is an American business woman and technology developer. Now at Facebook, she is working on areas such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and connectivity. Dugan will be overseeing all these operations at the social media(…)


10 Careers that Disappeared After Technology Took Over

As technology takes over, jobs that once required manually intervention are disappearing, some jobs are seeking a decline and others have disappeared completely. We bring you a list of jobs that were once in high demand but now are not needed anymore:  BOWLING ALLEY PINSETTER Before the machines took over, it was a manual job(…)


Meet Pallavi Singh Who Teaches Hindi To Foreigners

Pallavi Singh from Mumbai makes a living out of teaching Hindi as a foreign language to expats and foreigners living in India. She spoke to SheThePeople.Tv about her inclination towards the language and the pedagogy she adopts to make her lessons interesting. She has done two Bachelors in Engineering and Psychology. “I have a diploma(…)


How E-Friends Can Do You A World Of Good

Gone are the days when people met their friends over a cup of tea and reminisced about good old days. The advancement of technology has given people the liberty of  befriending people sitting in the comfort of their homes. The emerging trend of having E-friends has taken the world by storm. I mean, just think about it! You need(…)


Is Having An App An Overrated Idea? Bizwomen Give Their Take

Mobile apps these days are a dime a dozen. Their basic purpose is to make life easier for people, but is that really the case? We are so addicted to these apps, making our lives totally dependent on the cellphone. So wouldn’t it be better to have technology in a very simple form? We asked women techies…


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