Mr Khan, It’s Time For Bollywood To Trust Journos

The Indian Express recently published an excerpt of an interview with Shah Rukh Khan where he says that it is unfair to compare Bollywood actors to Meryl Streep. This was pertaining to Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes, urging Hollywood to stand by the US Press in the face of Donald Trump’s misogynist, classist and(…)


SRK Denies Feminism TWICE, But This Time For Good

While promoting his film, Dear Zindagi, the Bollywood Badshah for the first time talked about feminism and said in an interview, “I don’t want to sound pro-feminist and say that these girls have made a beautiful film yaar, but they really have.” Now, in another interview with Femina, he again rejected the concept of feminism.(…)


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