When Serena Williams Handled John McEnroe’s Sexist Jibe Like A Boss

“Best female player ever ― no question, but if she played on the men’s circuit, she’d be like No. 700 in the world.” — John McEnroe’s exact words addressed to Serena Williams. In a new memoir, retired tennis great John McEnroe was applauding the player, but a few days later, he makes a statement like(…)


Portrayal Of Women On Screen Disturbing: Jessica Chastain

As Jessica Chastain completed her time as a jury member at Cannes, she exited by making a statement. Movies have been known to have male leads, and very few female-centric stories. Jessica watched 20 movies in 10 days and said that she found her discovery quite “disturbing”. In a press conference she commented, “The one(…)


A University Textbook Teaches Students Ways To Conceive A Boy

Do you believe that Nature doesn’t distinguish between boys and girls? And human beings have no control over the gender of their unborn baby? A University textbook of Ayurveda, however, defies nature’s laws and shares with the readers a recipe for having a son. A Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) Textbook which is(…)


5 Instances Of Indian Textbooks Promoting Blatant Sexism

If you thought that sexism existed only at workplaces or public spheres, it is time to get your facts correct. Indian textbooks that are meant to sensitize students about issues that plague the country are promoting blatant sexism unabashedly. Read on to know 5 such instances that make us wonder the kind of education we(…)


Pak Women Stage Bicycle Rallies To Claim Public Space

In a bid to claim public spaces, women from an organisation called Girls at Dhabas staged bicycle rallies across several cities in Pakistan. Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi were among the cities where a female-only bikers’ group raced on April 2. The event was organised to make the roads simpler, safer and empowering for women. It was also(…)


Daily Slammed For Sexist “Legs-It” Comment On UK-Scot Leaders’ Meet

Women regardless of their position have always been reduced to their bodily features. This is exactly what happened when the Daily Mail reported a frontpage story on the meeting of Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and British Prime Minister Theresa May that took place on Monday. On Tuesday, Daily Mail reported the story with a(…)


The Working Woman’s Woes: 5 Women Share Experiences

The working woman’s life in India seems to be riddled with challenges. Right from convincing respective families for their choice of profession to adjusting to the sexist environment in most of the workplaces, the challenges are never-ending. The recent case involving female colleagues turning to social media to report a case of sexual harassment against(…)


Vivel Ad’s Freedom Call Is What You Should Watch Now

Soap brand Vivel is the latest one to become a part of the feminist movement and has recently come up with a video titled ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahi’ (No more compromise). The video aims to inspire women to value their own opinions and dreams, challenge status quo and therefore maximise their potential and live a fuller life.


#DressLikeAnIndianWoman: Young Women Speak Out

The comment on women’s dressing made by the Principal of Mumbai’s Polytechnic College has not gone down well with women across the country. Social Media is flooded with memes, which you can’t have missed. Here’s a quick look at reactions that had the hashtag #DressLikeAnIndianWoman trending. Also Read: Now, College Principal Says Women Dressing Like(…)


Sports Anchor Priya Malik Calls Out Rampant Sexism

Sports Anchor Priya Malik recently called out the blatant sexism that is present in sports industry, in a recent article on Buzzfeed. A sports anchor, TV actress, an Honours in Literature, a Post Grad in Applied Linguistics, a Masters in Teaching and a Masters in Education by research which is halfway to a PhD, Malik has been(…)


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