Rural Indian women

Sara Pilot says banking is key for empowering women in India

Financial inclusion is central to gender empowerment in the country says Sara Pilot who runs Centre for Equality and Inclusion (CEQUIN), an effort she co-founded Lora Prabhu in 2009. Before starting her own NGO to educate and empower women, Pilot was working with the United Nations on the same issues that she is working now on(…)


Purnima Gupta of Nirantar on the dire need for women’s literacy in rural India

“It has taken every ounce of her energy to get each woman to attend her workshops,” says Purnima Gupta, Senior Fellow at Nirantar. Nirantar works towards enabling education, especially for girls and women from marginalized communities. While the NSSO survey 2015 of the rural India says that 71% people are literate, the ground reality is otherwise.(…)


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