Radhika Sharma

Honey! I shrunk the work load: The New Mommy Chronicles

My little bundle of awesomeness- Vedant was born about 2 months ago and since then, life as we know it as taken a massive turn. A turn for the best. The road to child happiness is riddled with late night feeds, diaper changing, not knowing the different types of crying, the marital bed breakup and(…)


8 Resolutions To Start 2017 Strong

It’s that time of the year again! To introspect, to review 2016 and make plans to take 2017 straight by the horns right from the very first day! Every year we make resolutions — some we keep, others we really don’t ( be on a diet, quit smoking- hey at least we try!), but nonetheless,(…)


Rise of Digital Women, Meet Shefalii Dadabhoy of Photo Concierge

She left a busy corporate life job to dive straight into entrepreneurship but not without deep passion in photography. Shefali Dadabhoy from Chennai wanted to convert her journeys through the lens into a bigger story and decided to help co-found Photo Concierge, an effort to bring collaborative approach to pictures. In the world of Shutterstock,(…)


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