Position Of Strength

Crisis relief and Twitter go a long way

Nithya Moorthy of @InCrisisRelief talks of how Twitter helped her connect people, aid and solutions during crises across India. With examples of J&K Floods, situations in North East to how disaster management can get online (and later offline) support from social media, Nithya reflects on her Twitter story.


Safety for women online & offline: Social tools can be a bridge

Safety for women online & offline is important. Finally there are some sane voices talking about the need to blank noise and reclaim free public spaces for women. Jasmeen Patheja runs Blank Noise, an effort to campaign and highlight the need to have fair access to streets, parks, public spaces. In this conversation at #PositionOfStrength(…)


Collaboration & network key strengths of Twitter

Social media is a great source of collaboration and today is among the leading economic employment opportunities for people. This says, V Shakthi who is a differently abled person and used Twitter to engage with brands and a strong social network. Shakthi gives examples of the many who he has connected with thanks to social(…)


Twitter makes for a great learning curve: Monika Manchanda

Monika Manchanda is a baker, blogger and a food consultant who uses Twitter for business and conversations. Manchanda reflects on her story on Twitter and how the relationship with the micro blogging site has evolved since she came on it in 2009. Manchanda says she has learnt to sieve through discussion and find meaningful ways(…)


Position of Strength: Using social media as an effective tool

Meet Elizabeth Chen. She has made friends and built a network on social media. In a freewheeling and interactive chat at #PositionOfStrength organised by Twitter and SheThePeople in Bengaluru, Chen reflects on how she has leveraged Twitter to have a meaningful dialogue, have a strong ecosystem that fosters intelligent conversation and grows through collaboration. Twitter(…)


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