Physical assault of women

Conductor Slaps Woman In Bengaluru Bus For Demanding Small Change

An evening out with her 3-year-old granddaughter turned into a nightmare for 41-year-old Lakshmi Renukesh, a resident of Kirloskar Layout, Bengaluru, last week. Instead of having an enjoyable bus ride, Renukesh had the worst experience of her life — ending up getting assaulted by the conductor when she asked for change for the ticket money.


Bangalore: Women Assaulted, Groped On New Year’s Eve

Shame on Bangalore city. Women were groped and molested on the 31st December night. When the whole world was busy with celebrating the new year, reportedly Bangalore’s youth were caught in ugly pictures – reportedly women were molested enmasse, became target of lewd comments on streets of Bangalore’s most popular and populated areas like MG(…)


Journalists attacked in Bangalore during Cauvery protests

In the ongoing protests in Bengaluru over Cauvery river issue, two female journalists were attacked by a group of protesters at Rajaji Nagar on Monday evening. Rohini Swamy and cameraperson Madhu Y work who with India Today were hit by protesters who even broke their camera. The two were covering the violence, were attacked by protesters(…)


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