Study Shows 40% Pakistani Women Have Been Stalked Online

The internet, although has been a boon to humankind, comes with its own cons. One of them is cyber harassment. More often than not, women are victims of cyber harassment – and this is especially true is South Asian countries. A recent research conducted by the Digital Rights Foundation in Pakistan made a disturbing discovery. 40%(…)


Pakistani Bride Votes For The First Time In Punjab

A 35-year-old woman from Pakistan, who is not allowed to cast her vote there as she belongs to a persecuted community, managed to exercise her franchise for the first time in the Punjab elections this time. Tahira Maqbool had got married to a man hailing from Gurdaspur’s Qadian town in 2003 and got her Indian citizenship in. April 2016.


Women Complete Bomb Disposal Unit Training in Pakistan

This news will change the attitude of those of you who think Pakistani women stay behind closed doors only. Eleven women among 24 recruits who joined as police commandos in Pakistan have successfully completed their bomb disposal training at the Police School of Explosive Handling in Nowshera district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, according to(…)


Women’s Safety App Launched In Punjab In Pakistan

An application to help women in Punjab in Pakistan aims at curbing violence and promoting women’s safety in the province which has one of the highest crime rates. The application titled PSCA has been launched by the Chief minister’s  Special Monitoring unit, Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) and the Punjab Commission on the Status of(…)


Indo-Pak Tension Casts Shadow On Women’s Asia Cup

The Women’s Asia T20 Cup is round the corner. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand are participating in the tournament, which starts from November 27 in Thailand. Amid the recent tension between Pakistan and India, it is hard to conclude now if India will play against the neighbouring country in the tournament or(…)


India rejects Pak allegations on Kashmir women’s condition

During a recent session on ‘Advancement of Women’ in the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, India exercised its right to reply to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Special Envoy Shezra Mansab Ali Khan’s accusations on women’s condition in Kashmir. The session focused on social and humanitarian issues and Pakistan has time and again harped on(…)


Can Burka Avenger bring real change?

The idea of female empowerment has stayed in the dark for long in Pakistan but like a silver lining a female fictional hero- the Burka Avenger has become so popular that she is able to bring more change with popularity. The female cartoon character is getting into the lives of the common people with her(…)


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