Open Letter

An open letter to my Mom: My Super Woman

A lot of girls openly admit to being “daddy’s little girl.” In fact, it is encouraged for girls to hold this label. I’m sure I’ve said it a lot of times before myself. But at the end of the day, I’m very much a mama’s girl at heart. A mother is a friend, a teacher(…)


Teen Footballer Writes Open Letter To Boys Her Age

“Hume bhi jeene ka haq hai, hum nahi jeeyenge ghut ghut ke” Writes Bindiya Vishwakarma in her open letter addressed to “boys on the street who think it is okay to pass comments when we pass them by”. Hindustan Times in its series, Let’s Talk About Rape, featured eight open letters written by ordinary Indians.(…)


Bumble: The Dating App Where Women Take The Lead

Dating app Bumble has been in the news because it has recently banned users from uploading mirror selfies and other inappropriate pictures. But that’s not the only reason why the app is unique: Among a sea of dating apps, Bumble is the only one that requires women to initiate a conversation. Once a woman matches(…)


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