Beating Drums and Patriarchy: Meet The Nari Gunjan Sargam Mahila Band

Savita Devi sat on the dais along with four other women. One of them being Miss India Crown 1995, the other being an Architect and an Urban Transport planner among the other two. The panel discussion started with Savita Devi’s long monologue. Before she handed over the mic to the other panellist, she said, “Hum bajake aye hain”. The crowd(…)


Sick statistics: 34,651 rape cases reported in India in 2015

The National Crime Records Bureau report on crime in the country in 2015 revealed that there were at least 34,651 cases of rape across India, with victims ranging in age from under six years old to over 60 years old. From Six to Sixty Year Olds Are Raped The largest number of rape attacks targeted(…)


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