Karnataka Man Kicks Female Colleague For Coming Late To Work

What would you do to a female colleague who shows up late to the office? Ask her the reason for the same? Advise her to be on time from next time onwards? A municipal council worker, however, took the extreme measure of kicking his female colleague in order to punish the woman for being late to(…)


Portrayal Of Women On Screen Disturbing: Jessica Chastain

As Jessica Chastain completed her time as a jury member at Cannes, she exited by making a statement. Movies have been known to have male leads, and very few female-centric stories. Jessica watched 20 movies in 10 days and said that she found her discovery quite “disturbing”. In a press conference she commented, “The one(…)


Sharad Yadav Demeans Women With Sexist Comment

Sharad Pawar leaves no opportunity to demean Indian women. While delivering a speech in Patna yesterday, he said that the honour of a vote is more important than the honour of a woman. He didn’t stop here. He substantiated his comment by giving an illogical example. “If a daughter’s honour is violated, her neighbourhood and(…)


Madonna Tells it Like It Is: Slams Sexism, Ageism

Madonna‘s never been one to shy away from headlines — and she’s been making the news over the past few days for sure. One was a supremely fun appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke session, which has already clocked more than 9 million views in a handful of days. She is the consummate entertainer par excellence, and teases(…)


“Haq Tyag” Tradition Still Prevails In India

Haq Tyag is that archaic ritual that compels a young woman, who is going to get married, to sign a contractual paper through which she abandons her share in her father’s assets. Even after the Indian court making it mandatory for girls to have a fair share in maternal possessions more than a decade ago, this practice is still prevalent in some northern states.


Media and Sexism: It’s Not Just Megyn Kelly

It’s ironic that the media which informs people about worldwide trends, politics, culture and events has to fight sexism within its ranks. The same media that tells us about the economic, cultural, social inequalities that women have to face every day has double standards when it comes to women journalists who have to bear the brunt of(…)


Women’s Yoga Pants Parade To Protest Sexism

In a letter to The Barrington Times in Rhode Island, USA, Alan Sorrentino complained about the new fashion of women wearing yoga pants. The Guardian quoted his letter that read, “The absolute worst thing to ever happen in women’s [sic] fashion is the recent development of yoga pants as daily wear outside the yoga studio. Not since(…)


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