Going Sologamous: This Woman In New York Married Herself

Do you feel bogged down by questions regarding settling down? Has your search for finding a perfect soulmate turned futile? Or are you averse to the whole concept of finding a better half to complete yourself? Well, it is time to cheer up because now there is a solution to deal with your single status without(…)


Is The ‘Modern Man’ Helping Out At Home?

A lot of things are changing in India (for the better). We can decide to look away, but things are much better than they used to be. One of these changes is that the modern, working, independent woman is taking charge of her own life. Although many women would say that marriage isn’t important to(…)


Woman Uses Video Conferencing To Seek Divorce From Husband

Even our judiciary seems to have adapted itself to the digital revolution sweeping the country. A Pune court recently heard a woman petitioner based in London through video conferencing and granted her divorce from her husband. The couple, working as IT professionals, got hitched in May 2015 but marital problems started surfacing soon after. “Barely(…)


MP Minister’s Special Wedding Gift: Bats to Beat Alcoholic Husbands

Madhya Pradesh Panchayati Raj Minister has found the panacea for wives grappling with the alcoholic husbands. Gopal Bhargava, reportedly gifted mogri or wooden bats, which is traditionally used to wash clothes, to nearly 700 brides at a mass marriage ceremony in Madhya Pradesh. He permitted them to make use of that mogri whenever their husbands do not listen(…)


Who Says Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend? Millennials Don’t Care!

Diamond are a girl’s best friend? We’ve heard that a thousand times, and we’ve adhered to it for generations. Gold, diamond, platinum – precious metals make us feel precious. Apparently. In this new day and age, where millennials are opting for more pragmatic options in life, like education and career (rather than marriage), is jewellery(…)


When will we stop treating husbands as ‘parmeshwar’?

I came across something that seemed quite funny to me. A forward on Facebook that captured a picture from a 1950s home economics textbook. It gave tips about how to look after your husband. In 2017, I may be shocked to read something like this – but in the 50s, 60s, 70s, it was actually(…)


Kerala Nuns Reach Out To Govt For Pension

A group of 10 nuns from St. Anne’s Convent in Muttada, Kerala, has submitted an application asking for pension meant for unmarried women above 50. The city corporation’s standing committee has sought advice from the state government to resolve the issue.


NGO Puts Together ‘Wedding Kit’ For Underprivileged Girls

Weddings are a grand affair in India. The extravagant amounts spent, loud music, delicious food and what not! But for half of the population in the country, weddings need not be big, fat – just satisfying. When financial crunch starts taking over the happiness of her daughter, a mother loses all hope to see her(…)


97% of Indians Who Migrate for Marriage are Women

According to new Census data, 97% of the 224 million Indians who migrated after marriage were women.  4 out of 10 Indians are migrants, and marriage is the most common reason for migrating. 49% of Indians migrate for marriage. In contrast only 10% move for work, i.e 46.4 million Indians. So the perception that work is the(…)


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