Why Peanut Is A Wonder Nut

During winters, especially in North India, you’ll see mostly everyone carrying a handful of these nuts with them. They’re sold by hawkers and prove to be a healthy evening snack for many. Here’s why peanut is a wonder nut for all: Energy, energy and some more energy With vitamins, nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants, peanuts will(…)


Super Foods For Healthy Hair

Call it vanity or obsession, but healthy hair is every woman’s dream. In fact, not just women, even men dream of having healthy, luscious hair. Nobody enjoys hairfall, and a receding hairline is definitely one thing that bothers the men. While some need medical treatments for this, some can rely on basic diet that can(…)


What is Text Neck and how to fix it

Just as Oxford adds new word to its dictionary every now and then, the health industry has now come up with a new syndrome that they call Text Neck Syndrome. Yes, it is a term used to describe the neck pain and damage caused by looking down at your cell phone for too long. Although, these(…)


How To Deal With Work Stress

Work stress is a demon that follows almost all of us. A research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that people who burned calories equivalent to a long walk or a swim, were less likely to “take out their anger about work issues on people”.


Gobble These Power Foods to Stay Active Through the Day

When in work mode, we all forget about when and what to eat. Food that is not just tasty, but nutritious also is a combination that we often forget about. When you know you’re going to have a long day ahead, why not plan small meals for yourself to keep you energised throughout? We bring(…)


Ivanka Trump: 8 Things to Know About her Business Acumen

“She’s one of the smartest people I’ve worked with…She’s got an even temperament, she’s articulate, she’s tough, and she is superb on due diligence and understanding the deal”, Michael Ashner, the chief executive of Winthrop said about Ivanka Trump, in an interview with Forbes. Also Read: Ten Things to Know About Melania Trump Ivanka Trump is(…)


Make up can be an empowering tool for young women

Make up is a shield for some to hide their insecurities behind. It sometimes even makes them confident. It’s not anti-feminist. It’s infact empowering. Just a little bit of eyeliner can make you feel fierce and in control of your surroundings, red lipstick makes you feel that you are on the top of the world(…)


She. Stronger. Healthier. Everyday.

Don’t we often preach this and get preached? But, how many of us actually experience the power of this statement? “Take a deep breath…Relax…Now, Start” We are the 21st Century women. We are young, forward-thinkers, multi-taskers and yes; we are leaving the rat race each day and successfully climbing the thriving Indian entrepreneurship ladder while all the time trying to(…)


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