6 Benefits of A Digital Detox

In today’s world driven by the technology we are ever so dependent on it. At work, we stare at our computer screens for 8-10 hours straight. When we get back home, we switch on the television, or we browse through the internet on our phones. Our lives don’t allow us to give technology a break. This is(…)


How Internet Has Changed The Way Artists Work

The internet has changed art in so many ways. Whether it is painting, sketching, dancing, photography, filmmaking, graphic design or more, the internet has opened up a lot of avenues for artists. Unlike before, you can now get discovered through the internet. A lot of big companies look online, to find fresh talent. There is(…)


How To Increase Internet Safety Awareness Among Youngsters

India seems to be gripped by the unrelenting force of Internet. While it is good to see our country embracing the digital revolution by adopting technology in everyday lives, we must not forget that Internet is not as safe as it appears to be. According to a report, there is little awareness among children and(…)


5 Ways To Raise Tech-Healthy Kids

Every day the newspaper throws at us reports that talk about young children being targeted by cyber criminals. We have ushered in a digital age with such speed that it becomes imperative for us to teach our future generations about ethical use of the internet and save our kids from the negatives of the internet like gaming, social media,(…)


Women, Safety and The Virtual World

My college authorities had organised a seminar to apprise us about Cyber Crime, the various ugly forms it can take and the extent to which it is embedded in our society. We were informed about digital footprints that we tend to leave. Those are permanent in nature and cannot be erased easily. The person conducting(…)


How E-Friends Can Do You A World Of Good

Gone are the days when people met their friends over a cup of tea and reminisced about good old days. The advancement of technology has given people the liberty of  befriending people sitting in the comfort of their homes. The emerging trend of having E-friends has taken the world by storm. I mean, just think about it! You need(…)


Four Out Of Five Women Wish To Be Entrepreneurs: Facebook

Facebook launched two famous initiatives #SheMeansBusiness and the new #SheLeadsTech programme, through which it offers a plethora of opportunities to young women residing in different parts of the country to start small businesses using the Internet. The event was held at Lalit Hotel, New Delhi, yesterday. SheThePeople.Tv was the key partner to this event. According to(…)


Safe internet for Indian students and women: Google

Global giant, Google, has been working with the Goa government to educate school students on internet safety. According to PTI, Google India Director Trust and Safety Sunita Mohanty told that the organisers are working with 4 to 5 state governments to include internet safety as part of the syllabus for schools. “We are trying to(…)


Research Says Men Lie More On Social Media

The running joke is that women take hours to get ready, they are fussy and conscious of their appearance. As a result of which they are more affected by likes and comments on social media profiles and its lack thereof. Such unfounded stereotypes can also be dismantled through concrete research as the one recently released(…)


Youtuber Arrested For Obscenity

Sumit Verma, a 21-year-old Youtuber, had taken Donald Trump‘s “grab em by the pussy” adage a bit too seriously. Yes, his favourite Bollywood heroes did go about forcing themselves on women, but this poor guy didn’t know better to separate reality from the reel. Verma, who is from Delhi, tried to kiss unsuspecting women in(…)


She Leads the Internet: The Digital Women Awards Panel

We kick-started a panel called She Leads the Internet at the Digital Women Awards in Mumbai, by talking about the discrepancies in India — where the gender gap when it comes to internet access is very high, indeed. But there are people working to change this, and here’s a snapshot of what we learned. Also Read:(…)


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