First Woman War Veteran Sworn In As US Senator

Tammy Duckworth is the first Asian-American woman elected to Congress in Illinois, the first disabled woman elected to the US House of Representatives, and the first member of Congress who was born in Thailand. Member of the Democratic party, she also just became the first female combat veteran to be elected to the Senate.


Lessons from 2016: It’s Everyday Women Who Inspire

You don’t have to watch Dangal to feel hugely inspired by the story of the Phogat sisters. Indeed our athletes, our sportswomen make us incredibly proud, not just for the awesome feats they accomplish, but also because of the seemingly insurmountable hurdles they cross to get there. The story of the challenges their father and(…)


10 Amazing Carrie Fisher Quotes

It is hard to name just a few of Carrie Fisher’s avatars in real life. Actress. Author. Script doctor. Influencer. Inspiration. Role model. She passed away after a heart attack on Tuesday, at the age of 60, but will always remain in our hearts as Princess Leia… that goes without saying. Star Wars fans would agree with me that Fisher(…)


Meet Eighteen Year Old Golfing Star Aditi Ashok

By Poorvi Gupta Golf is fast moving into the mainstream sports arena in India. And both men and women golfers are contributing to its success but it is this one young golfer, Aditi Ashok, who really brought in a lot of attention and interest at this year’s Olympics. The 18-year-old turned professional in January this year and(…)


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