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Sanya Richards-Ross Had Abortion A Day Before Flying To 2008 Olympics

It was the 2008 summer Olympics. Olympians were flying off to Beijing to mark the day memorable. Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross was fighting her own private battle. The five-time Olympic medalist Richards-Ross has just released a new memoir in which she mentioned about having an abortion just weeks before sprinting in the 2008 Summer Olympic(…)


Butterfingers is Back! In Conversation with Khyrunnisa A.

We’ve all read and loved the children’s magazine, Tinkle. One of the most exciting comic books, it would definitely remind most millennials of their childhood. Most of us will recall one prominent story in Tinkle is Butterfingers. A story about a 13-year old boy Amar, who is clumsy and always up to something mischievous, but(…)


7 Little-Known Facts About Florence Nightingale

The most famous nurse in history, Florence Nightingale was born on this day 197 years ago. The founder of modern nursing, also, known as  ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ – she played a significant role during the Crimean War between 1853 and 1856. She nursed wounded soldiers at night while carrying a lamp along with(…)


Athlete Rachita Mistry Won 20 Of Her 25 Medals After Childbirth

We know that sportswomen have to work extra hard and face more challenges than their male colleagues. Recently, Serena Williams announced her pregnancy. We also came to know that she won the Australian Open in January while she was pregnant. Kudos to her! But she isn’t the first woman to do this, and nor will(…)


You Need To Know Who Regina Dugan Is

If you haven’t heard of Regina Dugan, then today is a good day to learn about her. Regina Dugan is an American business woman and technology developer. Now at Facebook, she is working on areas such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and connectivity. Dugan will be overseeing all these operations at the social media(…)


This Oz Researcher’s Pesticide Spray Is A Boon For Farmers

Agricultural biotechnologist and research leader, Neena Mitter, has come up with ‘BioClay’, a special clay-like spray that can benefit farmers battling pesticide blockage in crops. The innovation will help the rural sector extensively. Mitter said the clay spray contained molecules that helped protect crops from invading pathogens, reported ABC. The professor at Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation(…)


Madonna Tells it Like It Is: Slams Sexism, Ageism

Madonna‘s never been one to shy away from headlines — and she’s been making the news over the past few days for sure. One was a supremely fun appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke session, which has already clocked more than 9 million views in a handful of days. She is the consummate entertainer par excellence, and teases(…)


Staying Inspired: Do leaders really motivate us and is that enough?

By Jasmine Kalra Most people get their inspiration from successful people – a great leader, a successful entrepreneur, perhaps a celeb with a huge fan following and so on. However, is that really enough to stay inspired – getting your inspiration from those who have made it? Is it enough to just follow them? Inculcate(…)


5 Must-Watch TED Talks That Inspire and Engage

These days we see many women breaking barriers and stereotypes from all walks of life. From fighting for our rights, to standing up for others, to giving new dimensions in the quest to smash the glass ceiling, women are leading and inspiring in all walks of life. Here are five Ted Talks that will inspire(…)


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