10 Inspirational Quotes By Poorna Malavath

The biopic of Poorna Malavath, the young tribal girl who scripted history by becoming the youngest girl to scale Mount Everest, hit the theatres on Friday. The movie — Poorna: Courage Has No Limit — is garnering positive reviews from across the country. Besides doing the unthinkable at a young age of 13, Poorna has(…)


Meeting my hero – Hillary R Clinton by Elsamarie DSilva

Over the years I have often been asked, “Who are your role models?”. Unhesitatingly I have always responded with: my mother and Secretary Hillary R. Clinton. I choose my mother for her calm, perseverance and ability to find a solution even in the worst moments. Secretary Clinton resonates with me for her inspirational leadership and(…)


Movie On A 13 Yr Old Girl Who Climbed Everest, Poorna

After the movie Dangal gave us all the right reasons to celebrate daughters, Bollywood is back with another movie. Poorna is a biopic based on Malavath Poorna, a young tribal girl from a small village in Telangana, who dared to dream big by climbing the Mount Everest. Aditi Inamdar from Hyderabad has been roped in to(…)


7 Women In 7 Unconventional Professions

Are you one of those who think that women can excel only in professions like  teaching and nursing? Do you believe that their “feminine traits” restrict their horizon and prevent them from taking up unconventional careers? We are set to challenge the archaic mindsets of people who like confining women to specific professions. Today’s Indian women are audacious enough(…)


Nine Photographers We Love

Veteran American photographer, Annie Leibovitz had once said, ‘The thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.’ In the creative industries, photography is still often looked at as a man’s domain. But here are nine Indian women who are breaking the glass ceiling(…)


Taking Control in 2017: Quotes to Live By

2017 is just about stamped, sealed, delivered. Isn’t it time for a new set of resolutions? Time to lift those spirits and propel those energies. Time to say YES! The good, bad and ugly of the past and the promise of a future that none other than us will have to pave and plan? So(…)


Make up can be an empowering tool for young women

Make up is a shield for some to hide their insecurities behind. It sometimes even makes them confident. It’s not anti-feminist. It’s infact empowering. Just a little bit of eyeliner can make you feel fierce and in control of your surroundings, red lipstick makes you feel that you are on the top of the world(…)


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