Overall Well-Being Of Millennial Women Is Declining, Study Reveals

A new study by the Population Reference Bureau (a nonprofit that looks at population and other development issues) in the United States found that young American women, namely millennials, are poorer than their mothers and grandmothers and their well-being is declining. The study revealed that these women were more likely to face mental health issues, and(…)


Jyoti Dhawale, Stands Tall Despite Being HIV Positive

Being HIV positive and living a full life isn’t a crime. People get curious. She laughs graciously. Let’s hear it from Jyoti Dhawale. Jyoti, Tell us in details about your journey from the beginning. Since when and why you thought of becoming an HIV Activist. I am the daughter of an Air Force officer, and come(…)


A Smart Bangle That Gives Pregnancy Tips

In countries like India and Bangladesh, the poor section of the society doesn’t get enough information on illnesses or health. Especially women who are pregnant. They sometimes don’t know much about pregnancy, and still, believe in the old-wives’ tales about pregnancy. An invention by Grameen Intel is changing the way maternal health operates in places(…)


How to deal with sexual harassment at the work place

Sexual Harassment at the workplace is an issue in India for the longest time. Even though everyone knows that it is an offence, they still do it. Sexual harassment can be described as anything that is inappropriate at a place of work. It is a gender-neutral offence, meaning that a man can do it to(…)


In a First, Kochi Metro Employs Transgender Workers

Yet again, Kochi proves its progressive nature, by inducting transgender workers in various departments of the upcoming Kochi Metro. In a first, the Kochi Metro Rail Limited has decided to bring on board 23 members of the hijra community to work in ticket counters, with housekeeping teams and serving passengers. The new joiners will be seen behind(…)


IITians Develop an App That Detects High-Risk Pregnancies

Students of Indian Institute of Technology, Powai have come up with an app that is saving lives in rural areas. Called ‘Care Mother’ – the app, along with a pregnancy kit is able to detect high-risk pregnancies. A trial run in 60 villages of the Aurangabad district helped them develop this technology. ‘Care Mother’ has(…)


How Internet Has Changed The Way Artists Work

The internet has changed art in so many ways. Whether it is painting, sketching, dancing, photography, filmmaking, graphic design or more, the internet has opened up a lot of avenues for artists. Unlike before, you can now get discovered through the internet. A lot of big companies look online, to find fresh talent. There is(…)


6 Women Breaking New Ground In Sport’s Social Impact

As sports is progressing, so are the women in it. Sports are no longer just a man’s game, women are fighting for their rights and breaking stereotypes every single day. Sports has given them an opportunity to create some sort of social impact too. Sportswomen are raising awareness about sports in villages and encouraging more(…)


Kerala To Host First Transgender Beauty Pageant

A new avenue is opening up for transgender people to showcase their talents. Kerala is hosting the first ever beauty pageant for transgender people. Over 40 transgender women appeared for the audition in Kochi on April 25. Of them, only nine were selected. Organised by an association of transgender people of Kerala — the Dhwayah Arts and Cultural(…)


Government To Invest Big On Solar Power In India

With the population of India rising manifolds, there is a greater need for proper and uninterrupted electricity supply for the Indian people at large. Many villages and rural areas in India still function without electricity. Generating electricity through traditional methods hasn’t really worked out for us, has it? Even metro cities have massive power cuts(…)


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