Why gender equality begins at home

Textbook definition of Gender-Equality would be, both men and women enjoying the same rights and opportunities across all the acknowledged arenas of the society. The hopes and aspirations of both are also equally valued. Can we hope to raise our children to be gender sensitive? How do we ensure such a home? Is there a(…)


Studies On India’s Air Quality Flawed, Says Environment Ministry

In an internal newsletter last year, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) wrote that the World Health Organisation uses “arbitrary conversion factors to measure the prevalence of different pollutants”. According to the CPCB, the international practices that measure the air quality in India and is linked to the diseases and death in the nation are not compatible with the ethology, personnel(…)


Sunita Narain Slams Minister For Disregarding Air Pollution Deaths

In a FB Live Session yesterday, environmentalist Sunita Narain criticised Environment Minister Anil Dave’s disregard for the increasing air pollution in India. She said, “I was shocked to see the comments of the minister. There is more than enough evidence that shows air pollution kills. It’s a national crisis and the minister cannot abdicate his responsibility(…)


India Women’s Ice Hockey Team Struggles To Make A Mark

2016 turned out to be a great year for sportswomen. While some stories we know, the rest stay in the dark! Ice Hockey is not as popular as cricket, tennis or other sports in India, but these women are skating in Gupuk’s frozen lake in Leh during winters, but sadly they remain unheard. “If we have(…)


What Indian Men Look for on Tinder And What Women Have To Say

A survey released on Valentine’s day, (co-incidence? I think not) revealed just exactly what is it that Indian men look for in a woman on Tinder, the dating app. First let us summarise what desired qualities do women look for:  What men look for: A clear distinction of interests, it seems…and no wonder this also(…)


#TreeOfLife: Making Brelfies A Work Of Art

This New Year’s Eve, a church in Kochi allocated a breastfeeding room for lactating mothers, keeping in mind the discomfort women go through when they have to scout for places to feed their babies. Some organisations in India offer a breastfeeding room in their office or a creche, but to a large extent, mothers face(…)


Christmas Celebrations in India

Family traditions, greetings, gifts, scrumptious food, hot cocoa, and drinks is all a part of the much awaited Christmas celebrations. Indians especially love their festivals, considering we have a little too many, and therefore we always find ways to make them special and a one to remember! “Our Christmas celebrations start at least one month(…)


Check Out 12 Of India’s Most Powerful Female Editors

Media is one of the industries where it isn’t uncommon to see women running the show. Here are some of the top female editors of leading media and publishing companies in India: Chiki Sarkar- She was the dynamic publisher of Penguin RandomHouse, who quit to start digital first book publishing company, Juggernaut. The company has(…)


75% Of Women In India Vitamin D Deficient: Survey

According to a research by SRL Diagnostics, 75 per cent of the women in India are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. The survey, which started in 2013 and went on till this year, revealed that 75-80 per cent of women across India did not have enough Vitamin D in their blood.


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