Gautam Gambhir To Sponsor Education Of CRPF Martyrs’ Children

Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir has announced the launch of his foundation to serve the children of the 25 CRPF personnel martyred in the Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh’s south Sukma area on Monday. Gambhir said his organization would bear all education expenses for the kids.


India’s First Free Condom Store Is A Boon For High-Risk Groups

For a very long time, we tended to avoid talking openly about sex, but with the launch of a free condom store by a global charity on April 26, the taboo appears to be on its way out. In a bid to spread awareness around HIV and AIDS, people in India now have access to “free condom delivery service”.


9-Year-Old Anadi Tagde All Set To Play In Under-19 Cricket Team

She is just 9 and has bagged a place in Indore division’s under-19 cricket squad. Anadi Tagde is an amateur bowler and ready to give tough competition to other players in the cricket squad. She is a class 4 student from Indore. The budding bowler is a right-arm medium pacer and is all set to(…)


Equal Pay for Equal Work: The Big Gaps In India

It is one of the harsh realities that even in 21st century we still have to fight gender-based discrimination. Even the developed nations are still struggling with it. Especially in the developing nation like ours, disparities on the basis of gender are far more apparent. Gender-based discrimination comes in all forms, be it social inequalities,(…)


Delhi Hosting Workshop For Female UN Peacekeepers

A 12-day workshop will soon be organised in New Delhi for a batch of UN women peacekeepers, PTI reported. Also known as ‘Blue Berets’, these peacekeepers are responsible for monitoring peace processes in post-conflict areas and assist ex-combatants in executing the peace agreements they may have signed. The workshop, which started on April 3, is(…)


Why gender equality begins at home

Textbook definition of Gender-Equality would be, both men and women enjoying the same rights and opportunities across all the acknowledged arenas of the society. The hopes and aspirations of both are also equally valued. Can we hope to raise our children to be gender sensitive? How do we ensure such a home? Is there a(…)


Studies On India’s Air Quality Flawed, Says Environment Ministry

In an internal newsletter last year, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) wrote that the World Health Organisation uses “arbitrary conversion factors to measure the prevalence of different pollutants”. According to the CPCB, the international practices that measure the air quality in India and is linked to the diseases and death in the nation are not compatible with the ethology, personnel(…)


Sunita Narain Slams Minister For Disregarding Air Pollution Deaths

In a FB Live Session yesterday, environmentalist Sunita Narain criticised Environment Minister Anil Dave’s disregard for the increasing air pollution in India. She said, “I was shocked to see the comments of the minister. There is more than enough evidence that shows air pollution kills. It’s a national crisis and the minister cannot abdicate his responsibility(…)


India Women’s Ice Hockey Team Struggles To Make A Mark

2016 turned out to be a great year for sportswomen. While some stories we know, the rest stay in the dark! Ice Hockey is not as popular as cricket, tennis or other sports in India, but these women are skating in Gupuk’s frozen lake in Leh during winters, but sadly they remain unheard. “If we have(…)


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